•keep bandage on for 4-6 hours or over night. (overnight is preferred)

•after removing bandage wash your tattoo with anti bacterial soap and hot water until tattoo is clean (make sure your hands are clean before washing your tattoo)

• wash your tattoo 3-5 times a day for the first week, If your tattoo is on an area that's not easily accessible than take at least two showers a day for the first week.

•after the second day of washing your tattoo you can start to apply a thin layer of non scented LOTION when your tattoo feels dry. (Absolutely no ointment only lotion)

• make sure to keep your tattoo moisturized daily for the first month.

•remember to keep your tattoo out of the sun, pools and saunas for the first 2 weeks and when being in the sun for excessive amounts of time make sure to apply sunblock