cosmetic makeup aftercare

Immediately following your eyeliner procedure:

Make sure to drink plenty of water. Water will help reduce the swelling and will aid in healing. Please DO NOT touch or pull on the eye area, if you have to touch your eyes make sure your hands are washed and cleaned before touching. Over touching, stretching, pulling and scratching of the eye area after procedure can cause ink to fall out and create gaps in your liner.

Avoid washing eyes and direct contact with water in the shower for the first 72 hours. Use the water wipes provided for the first 72 hours to clean the eye area. Follow up with Dr. Bronner’s hemp baby unscented for the next 4 weeks to clean around the eyes. After cleaning apply a light amount of After Inked tattoo moisturizer to the liner area with clean hands.

After 7 days you can use a BRAND NEW mascara on the tips of the lashes ONLY. If you decide to keep your old mascara you must wait 2 weeks to resume use. Do not expose your eyes to the full pressure of the shower water for 4 weeks.

Please do not soak eyes in the pool, hot tub, or when bathing. Absolutely no picking, scrubbing, or exfoliating of the the worked area. Allow your eyeliner to flake off on it own. Do not expose to sun or tanning beds for at least 30 days. Refrain from the use of cleansing creams or chemicals including Retin-A, glycolics/ AHAs/BHAs, anti acne creams around the worked eye area.

Immediately following your cosmetic lip procedure:

Make sure to drink plenty of water to help reduce swelling and aid in healing. To cleanse the lips please use the water wipes provided to compress each morning after waking, midday after eating and at night. After cleaning apply a thin layer of After Inked to lips with clean hands. Apply an all natural chapstick to lips prior to eating and brushing teeth.

Avoid hot, spicy, salty, and acidic food for the first 2 weeks. Absolutely no: picking, scrubbing, or exfoliating of the worked area. Allow lips to flake off on its own. Do not expose lips to the sun or tanning beds for 30 days. Refrain from using cleansing creams or moisturizers that contain Retin-A, glycol acids, AHA’s/BHA’s, anti acne ingredients on the worked area.

Colors appear brighter and more sharply and more defined immediately following procedure.